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The straw, charcoal and the pea 稻草、木炭和豌豆 A long time ago there lived a poor grandmother. “…

The straw, charcoal and the pea


A long time ago there lived a poor grandmother. “Today, I will make a dish out of peas.” Grandmother prepared to light the oven furnace with firewood and straw. “Ouch, Ouch” “Oh my goodness.” As soon as the peas were poured into the pot, each one cried out.


Just then, when the grandmother wasn't looking one pea jumped out of the pot and rolled in front the straw. “Whew! I made it. But where am I?” The pea whispered to himself.


Right about then, a lump of charcoal that was burning in the furnace made a small cry and flew out. “Gosh! This is hard” The charcoal squinted his eyes and wiped his sweat away.


The straw first questioned the pea. “Pea, how did you get here?” “From grandmother's pot, just as the fire was being lite up to cook me and my friends, I ran away” The pea proudly boasted.


Next, the straw asked the charcoal. “How did you get here?” “With all my strength from the pot, I just barely got out.” Charcoal replied weakly.


When the straw heard this, he poured out his heart too. “My fate is similar to yours too. All my brothers went into the fire, but luckily I slipped out through the fingers.” “Oh I see!” “Really?” The pea and the charcoal each said a word and nodded.


Charcoal said in a worried voice. “What should we do now?” “Since, we all escaped luckily let us live together in this strange land.”


In hearing pea, charcoal and straw thought for a moment. “What should we do?” “I think we should do what the pea said.” So, the pea, charcoal and the straw decided to leave that place.


It hadn't been long since they left when they came across a stream. “How can we cross the stream?” “There's no stepping stone, if only there were some logs.? “We can't go back, can't there be a better way?” They stared at one another and worried.


A little while later, the straw thought of a good idea. “Since my body is light and long, if I lie down and stretch myself across the stream you guys can cross.” “Will it be alright?” “We will have to see.” On the one hand, pea and charcoal couldn't help in worrying.


The straw laid across the stream. “Hurry! You must cross quickly. If you stay in one place too long, I could catch on fire.” Charcoal quickly began crossing over the straw.


But, as charcoal was crossing, he looked down. “I'm scared! Oh what should I do?” Charcoal could no longer move. “Hurry up and cross!” Straw said with all his might.


However, just at that moment, from the charcoal the straw caught on fire. “Oh no!” The straw broke in two and fell into the stream. “Ahh!” At the same time, charcoal fell into the water.


Pea, who was watching this scene, couldn't help laughing. “Ha Ha Ha” “Ha Ha Ha” The pea laughed so hard that he broke in two. “Oh no, I'm dying”


Luckily just then, a tailor was crossing the bridge. “I will rest here for a while.” “Help me” the tailor heard a faint voice and found the split pea.


The sympathetic tailor sewed the split pea back together, “You are lucky that I'm a tailor.” “I'm really fortunate.” As the tailor was finishing up sewing the pea, the pea said gratefully.


The pea thanked the tailor. “Thank you very much.” “But, because the thread is black there will be a mark.” Just like the tailor said, since then there was a black mark down the middle of the pea.



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